When I ran for City Council four years ago, my platform focused on finding additional ways to communicate with residents. As a resident, I felt that I knew very little about what was happening in my community, and I wanted to find and implement convenient ways for residents to stay informed and involved on city issues. As part of that effort, I have done the following:

  • Created the city’s Facebook page and managed it for two years. Social media is a great way to share information immediately and with a wide audience. To date we have 713 likes on the city’s page, and I would like to see this number grow so that more residents are receiving timely updates.
  • Created the city’s Twitter account. This was a great resource when we had a fire on the hillside east of Canyon Road and residents wanted to receive quick updates on the situation.
  • Created the city’s YouTube channel. I believe we should be filming and uploading every Council meeting and townhall meeting. We have many residents who would like to attend some of these meetings but have other obligations on these nights. Posting videos allows any residenSOTCt to view the meeting at a time convenient for them.
  • Created the annual State of the City report and have published it every year since 2012. This report provides details of the city budget, information on property taxes, and comprehensive information on city issues.
  • Participated in the development of the city’s updated website. As part of this, we created a page called “Transparency”, which provides information to residents on items such as the budget and allowed us to receive an A+ rating for transparency from the Sutherland Institute.
  • Created a personal blog in 2011 where I have posted my notes from every Council meeting since I was elected. I’ve heard from several residents that this has been a helpful resource.
  • I have actively rebutted false accusations in the press that have cast the city in a negative light and developed positive relationships with members of the media in order to promote positive press coverage.

In addition to enhancing communications, I have worked on the following:

  • Responded to resident input and concerns, whether that be through email, phone, or personal interactions. My goal has been to represent residents and do my best to address concerns timely.
  • Worked through the County to get the bookmobile to Cedar Hills, at no cost to the city or residents.
  • Worked with the U.S. Army to implement the Community Covenant Program, which creates partnerships between communities and local businesses to help the families of service members who are deployed.
  • Restarted the Cedar Hills Champions Program, through which we have recognized the accomplishments of 14 residents over the past three years.
  • Served with the Planning Commission, Family Festival Committee, Parks & Trails Committee, Finance Committee, and the Cultural Arts Committee.
    • With others on the Parks & Trails Committee, we reinstituted the Yard of the Month program and created the annual summer breakfast and annual Santa party.
    • Worked with the Family Festival Committee to add new events each year to appeal to a wider audience.
    • Worked with the Cultural Arts Committee to add the Summer Concert Series and held our first youth performance at Heritage Park

I am proud of what I have accomplished and participated in over the past 3 ½ years. I feel that these efforts have improved transparency and communications within the city and enhanced the feeling of community we all appreciate and enjoy. I hope to earn your vote and continue serving our city.

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