Why Are You Running for City Council?

This is one of the hardest questions I’ve been asked. It’s easier for me to answer questions related to the budget or city issues as I enjoy researching issues and code and discussing the direction of our city with residents. However, serving on the City Council is challenging. Over the last four years, I and others on the Council have been accused of some horrible things. Dealing with city issues takes many hours away from my family. There are many weeks when I have city meetings almost every night. I have had to deal with urgent situations while on vacation and have many late nights working on communications for residents. There are days when I ask myself, why am I running for City Council? I’ve thought a lot about it and have come to the following conclusions.

Residents from throughout the community whom I respect and admire have expressed appreciation for my efforts and asked me to run again. I am humbled by their trust in me and appreciate their support.

I enjoy researching the issues. I have learned so much over the past four years and know this insight and education can be helpful over the next four.

I enjoy communicating with residents. My colleagues on the Council tease me at times (in a nice way) about my constant typing during Council meeting. I’ve heard from many who read and appreciate my notes and it makes it worth it.

I enjoy serving. Life can be overwhelming and challenging for all of us. I strongly believe that when we take time away from that and focus on serving others, it brings a sense of purpose and peace into our lives.

Mainly, I am running because I love Cedar Hills and care about the future of our city. This is one of the few places I’ve lived where you can see and feel the sense of community. I enjoy the friendships I’ve developed that will last a lifetime. I’m happy to see my kids making great friends who love and support them. I love the schools and the people who put so much time and effort into helping our children in a variety of ways.

Cedar Hills is home for my family. I care about the city because I want to raise my family in a community like the one we have. I know many of you want the same thing for your family. Ultimately, I serve out of love for the four people in the picture below.



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