Feedback on the Commercial Zone

In November 2015 the City Council placed a moratorium on accepting any new applications for the commercial zone while the city reviews the General Plan, Design Guidelines, and Zoning Ordinances that pertain to that zone. According to state law, a moratorium on new applications can only be in place for six months. This means any changes must go through the planning process and receive final approval by the City Council by May 2016.

Members of the City Council, staff, and Planning Commission have been meeting to discuss potential changes. Part of this process includes a survey that will soon be going out to residents. Responses will help us determine what types of development residents of Cedar Hills would like to see in that zone (e.g. retail, residential, mixed-use, combination of several, etc.). I encourage residents to complete this short survey as the more feedback we have the better the final plans will reflect the desires of the community. You can also continue to submit feedback and ideas by emailing any member of the City Council.

This moratorium does not affect any existing applications, including the two made by Doug Young (sometimes referred to as Blu Line). Those applications were made before the moratorium and any decisions made must be based on the code as it currently stands.

We appreciate your time in providing feedback on this and any other city issue.

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