Monthly Archives: July 2016

Feedback Wanted

There are many reasons why I love Cedar Hills, and one of the things I love most is how involved residents are in the community. We have residents who volunteer to serve on committees, participate in city-sponsored events, and who provide valuable feedback and insight on issues facing the city.

As a member of the City Council, I do a better job when I receive input from residents on things the Council is discussing and/or voting on. Social media has been very helpful as there have been many robust conversations on city issues, which helps me know how residents feel on any given topic, and also provides insight on differing opinions. One question that comes up is how residents can be aware of what the Council is discussing at a future meeting. There are two ways to do this. The first is to visit the city’s website here. The city posts the entire packet that the Council receives before each meeting, and residents have access to the same information the Council receives. You can also visit that same link to view the minutes and listen to the audio from previous meetings.

The second, and in my opinion, easiest way to stay informed is to sign up to receive agendas electronically. Through the State’s Public Notice Website you can sign up to receive an emailed copy of the agenda packet for Cedar Hills. You can also receive emailed agendas for other public entities, such as schools or the county. Signing up for this means you will automatically receive an emailed copy of the Council agenda and packet prior to the meeting. The main page is the agenda, which provides a brief description of what will be discussed. Behind that there is a memo for each topic, which provides detailed information for the discussion and any supporting documents.

If there is something on the agenda or in the packet that concerns you or that you would like to weigh in on, I encourage you to do so by attending the public comment portion of the Council meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can send your feedback to the Council via email or call any of us on the phone. Our email and phone information can be found here. You are also welcome to post comments to my City Council Facebook page found here.

I appreciate all those who take the time to send their feedback. Working together makes our city one of the best in the state.