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New Park Scheduled for 2017

Over the years the city has collected feedback from residents through a variety of surveys and one of the things on which we consistently receive positive reviews is our parks and trails system. With so many children and youth in our community, it’s no surprise that we value places where our children can explore and play outside.

Thanks to the volunteer members of our Parks & Trails Committee and to city staff, the development of another park was approved by the City Council for completion in June 2017. This park has been on the city’s master plan for about a decade and is known as Bayhill Park as it is located on Bayhill Drive. Below are the plans that were presented to┬áthe Council.



Bids for construction are currently being solicited with an approval date by the Council at a meeting in November so that construction can begin at the beginning of 2017. I appreciate the time and effort of the Parks and Trails Committee in redesigning the park and helping us move forward with more open spaces for our community.

The city does have a master Parks & Trails map that shows current and future parks and trails. That information can be found on the city’s website here.


If you are interested in helping with the planning and development of the city’s parks and trails, as well as helping with various city events, the Parks & Trails Committee is always looking for additional volunteers. We meet once a month for one hour and are responsible for events such as the annual summer breakfast, the annual Santa night, the annual service day, and recommending future projects to the City Council. For more information, feel free to contact me via email at jrees@cedarhills org or on my phone at 801-358-8730.