heritage-parkIf you are like me, you are tired of hearing about national politics and being told who to vote for or why your vote is a wasted vote. So instead, I’m going to talk about a local issue that will be on the Cedar Hills ballot.

This year we will decide whether or not renew our Cultural Arts and Recreation (CARE) tax. I am in favor and voting yes. This is a tax we are currently paying as it was previously approved by residents, so it won’t increase taxes from current rates. It is 0.1% on sales tax, which means for every $10 spent in a retail establishment within Cedar Hills, the city would assess a tax of one penny. By collecting this small sales tax, residents and non-residents who shop in Cedar Hills assist in generating funds for arts and recreational programs in Cedar Hills.

Since I have served on the Council we have used CARE tax funds for the following:

  • Basketball court at Heritage Park
  • Completion of the Community Center basement
  • Adding a restroom at Mesquite Park
  • Events hosted by the Arts Committee, which includes the annual date night and the children’s art contest as part of the Family Festival

For this fiscal year we plan on using CARE tax funds for Bayhill Park and Heritage Park improvements. The approximate amount we generate each year from this tax is $40,000. Our residents have expressed an appreciation for our parks and trails system and for our recreation programs. CARE tax funds go directly towards projects like these. We still have parks and trails projects on our capital improvements plan and we are continually adding new recreational opportunities for our children. The funds from CARE tax helps us complete these projects and add these opportunities.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions on this. I hope you will support our arts and recreational programs by voting yes.

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