Monthly Archives: January 2017

Upcoming Meetings

There are two upcoming meetings that residents are invited to attend that could have a significant impact on the budget and future of the city. I will provide a summary on this blog after each meeting and welcome any feedback you have.

The first is a meeting being held by the Lone Peak Public Safety District on Tuesday, January 31st at 6pm at the Highland Fire Station. LPPSD recently had a metric study performed on services provided and will be presenting the results of that study. One thing that has been a concern for representatives of Cedar Hills, Highland, and Alpine is the continued rise of public safety costs and how to budget for them. The results of this study and decisions made by the board could have a big impact on our public safety budget.

The second is a Board of Adjustment hearing on February 8th at 6pm in the Cedar Hills Vista Room. This is an appeal being requested by Rosegate, the developer who wants to build a residential facility in the commercial zone located south of WalMart. The Council previously approved the application with several conditions to make it comply with zoning regulations and with the ruling that congregate care could be considered substantially the same as assisted living. The developers are appealing the decision of the Council and both sides will argue before the Board of Adjustment. This is the first level of the appeal as it will also be heard by the State Property Rights Ombudsman and could also end up in court. The public is welcome to attend the hearing.