Watering Season Is Almost Here

Spring is right around the corner, which means our pressurized irrigation system will soon be energized. We’ve had a great winter with regards to water, but conservation of water should still be on our minds. There are a few things you can do that can help with conservation:

  1. Contact USU for a free water check. A Water Check analyzes the efficiency of your automated sprinkler irrigation system. Trained evaluators will perform the Water Check at your home, business, or institution and will provide you with a customized irrigation schedule.  Soil type, grass root depth, sprinkler distribution uniformity and water pressure will be evaluated. The entire process will take approximately one hour. Contact information can be found online at http://slowtheflow.org/index.php/forms/free-water-check
  2. Install a smart controller. These controllers use weather and landscape conditions, along with information regarding your yard, to customize a watering schedule based upon the needs of your lawn. Many of these controllers allow you to control your system from your smartphone, which allows you to have complete control of your watering schedule wherever you are. Currently the Central Utah Water Conservancy District is offering rebates up to $150 for the purchase of a smart controller. Applying for the rebate can be done online at http://rebates.cuwcd.com/. Skydrop, which is located in Utah, presented their controller to our Council last year and sell them for approximately $200. You can find more information about their product at https://www.skydrop.com/.

Cities all around Utah are considering metering PI water as a way to reduce water consumption. My hope is that we can improve our water consumption without requiring meters. Having the free water check and installing smart controllers can help each of us reduce our water intake while still maintaining the lawns and gardens we love.

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