Change to Public Safety Services

In the summer of 2017, the city gave notice to Lone Peak Public Safety District (our current provider for fire services) and American Fork Police Department (our current provider for police services) that we were going out to bid for public safety services to research all options available to our city. This was not to suggest that we were unhappy with the service provided by either entity, but as our public safety expenses have been steadily increasing while our revenues are not, we felt it was important to determine what options were available to us, just as we’ve done with other service contracts.

We received bids to provide both fire and police services from Lone Peak Public Safety, American Fork, and Pleasant Grove, and we received a bid from Utah County to provide police services only. As part of this process, we interviewed each entity individually, analyzed our call volumes for police and fire, and forecasted our expected budget revenues for the next several years. At the September 18th City Council meeting, the decision was made to go with American Fork for both fire and police services, which will go into effect July 1, 2019. At that time they will continue with our existing police services and will staff our current fire station with fire and EMS personnel. At some point, American Fork will be building a new fire station on the land south of Lone Peak and across from our commercial zone. While we expect that response times to our city from that new facility will continue to be within industry standards, American Fork is willing to amend our agreement to provide some staffing at our current station if we determine that is needed.

We wish to express our appreciation to those serving in the police and fire departments for the service they have provided to our community over the past 20 years. This decision was not an easy decision as all of the entities who submitted a proposal consist of highly qualified and experienced individuals who are dedicated to protecting the communities they serve. Our goal is to continue to provide high-quality service while also planning for our future needs with the understanding that our city will not be experiencing much new growth.

4 thoughts on “Change to Public Safety Services

    1. Jenney Rees Post author

      It will be staffed by American Fork Fire until their new station is completed. Once that building is done, if the decision is made that we don’t need any EMS staff at our facility, then the building will be used for city purposes. It could be used to relocate some administrative staff, including the passport office, and become a permanent location for city council and planning commission meetings, freeing up those nights for use of the Vista Room at the Community Center. Nothing has been decided at this point as we don’t know how long AFFD will be in our building, but the City Council will be discussing options with staff and we welcome resident input.


  1. Matt

    Thank you for your response. Why do we need to build a new fire station? Why is the existing station not suitable? I would assume renting/building extra office space would be far less expensive than building a new fire station.


    1. Jenney Rees Post author

      Sorry Matt, I’m not sure how I missed seeing this comment. We aren’t building a new station, American Fork is. It’s been a plan they’ve had for a while now as their borders extend up to ours and they wanted additional coverage for that area. We will not be paying for the new building.



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