Monthly Archives: June 2019

Fire and EMS Services

In the summer of 2017, the city gave notice to Lone Peak Public Safety District of our intent to leave the District and sent out requests for public safety proposals. We received proposals from three agencies that offered both fire and police services, and in September 2018 the Council made the decision to contract with American Fork City for both police and fire services. There were three main factors that led to this decision: 1) Having police and fire responding from the same agency provides a better level of service as the two departments have more opportunities to collaborate and train together when they work for the same agency, 2) The proposal received from American Fork was significantly less than the other two but provided the same level of service, and 3) Our contract with American Fork has a set annual increase, so forecasting and planning for future public safety expenses is much easier. Our contract with Lone Peak Public Safety ends on June 30 and American Fork Fire will be the agency providing fire and EMS services to our city effective July 1.

I want to express our appreciation for the men and women who work for Lone Peak Public Safety. Our city has been well served by their fire and EMS teams for many years. Not only did they provide these services with professionalism and expertise, but they also participated in community events such as Family Festival and our annual city breakfast. I am grateful to each of them for their commitment and their service.

I also want to welcome American Fork Fire to our city. We’ve had a long and valuable relationship with American Fork Police and I have no doubt that our relationship with American Fork Fire will be just as good. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Chief Brems and several of the fire and EMS personnel and know they are highly qualified and experienced and will serve our city well. They are also looking forward to participating in our community in a variety of ways and are excited to start next week.

For now, American Fork Fire will utilize our fire station and will keep it fully staffed to respond to our area. At some point, American Fork will be building a new fire station near our border on North County Blvd and will move there, though there is no set timeframe for this. While we expect that response times to our city from that new facility will continue to be within industry standards, American Fork is willing to amend our agreement to provide some staffing at our current station if we determine that is needed.

Our goal is to continue to provide high-quality service while also planning for our future needs with the understanding that our city will not be experiencing much new growth. We look forward to a long partnership with American Fork Police and Fire and appreciate their leadership and teams for contributing to our community.